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Bad credit can prevent you from purchasing a home or car. We are here to help.

Credit Coach combines a collection of technologies and knowledgeable staff with the mission to help you reach your goal. A new home or car could be closer than you imagine.

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It's Time to Raise Your Credit Score

Credit scores are used by every major bank and lender to determine your eligibility for a loan. If your score is low, you may be forced into paying higher interest rates or you may be denied altogether.

Credit Coach provides credit reports and tools to get your credit on track. All inquries that Credit Coach performs on your credit file are considered "soft-pull" inquiries which have no negative affect on your credit report or score.

Credit Coach Benefits

Live In Your Dream Home

Without good credit, it can be incredibly difficult to buy a home. With good credit, not only are your chances of being approved much greater, but your interest rates can be lower, and therefore the cost of your home can be much lower.

Drive Away In a New Car

Buying a new or used car can be a hassle if your credit isn't where it should be. And everytime you apply, your score could lower due to new inquiries on your report. CreditCoach can help you improve your credit before you apply again.

Credit Card Approvals

Good credit can help you obtain credit cards with low rates and great bonus perks such as cash back or airline miles. It can also help raise your credit limit for existing cards.

Knowledgeable Staff

The Credit Coach agents work closely with you to figure out your goals and needs. They take years of experience to get you on a path to improving your credit.

Comprehensive Security

Credit Coach is powered by Fraud Protection Network, a leader in credit reporting services. The network and services are built on state of the art technology.

Credit Tools

The right set of tools can help you plan and visualize your score as it improves. They can also help prevent actions that could lower your score.

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